Package Setting & Products

  • Update Package Settings
  • Update Product Fields

Creating Quote

  • Creating an Account, Contact, Opportunity and Quote


  • Product Bundle Settings
  • Create Features for a Bundle
  • Create Product Options for a Bundle
  • Create Option Constraints for a Bundle
  • Create Configuration Attributes for a Bundle
  • Update Product Fields

Product Rules

  • Create Product Rule
  • Create Selection Product Rules
  • Create Validation Product Rule
  • Configuration Attributes
  • Rules with Lookup Queries
  • Update Product Fields

Dynamic Bundles

  • Create a Dynamic Bundle

Custom Actions

  • Create Custom Action
  • Default Custom Action


  • Price Waterfall
  • Manual Discounting
  • Create a Discount Schedule
  • Pricing Methods
  • Contracted Pricing
  • Subscription Pricing
  • Multi-Dimensional Quoting

Quote Templates

  • Quote Template
  • Template Sections
  • Template Content
  • Quote Terms

Advanced Approval

Price Rules

Guided selling



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